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We carry out these ministries as Component of the workout and evangelization of our faith within the Lord Jesus Christ. We reserve the right to reply or to decline any distinct ask for at our discretion for any explanation. We do not offer or exchange these providers for remuneration. Our ministry products and services are gifted for you as an intangible spiritual gain in appreciation to your donation. Requests with no accompanying donation might or might not receive a response implementing to multiple human being.

Hubbard believed he’d reached the level of the Fool. There may be an interesting digression with regard to the Idiot on the 1st Philadelphia Doctorate Program tape — plus the alligator he mentions within the tarot card potential customers us to Crowley (the sole tarot by having an alligator to the Fool card).

At last, I can get to my Tale in the next comment, but I desired to give you a couple of main reasons why Atack is staying willfully dishonest Within this (and plenty of of his other) post(s) concerning the OTO.

Nonetheless waiting around about the proof to point exactly where what he claimed was libellous and/or untrue. ISTR this poster performing a similar drive by sort assault which emptied the Bunker for an entire night, many months back.

JON: I feel that Arthur felt that this was a strategy for personalising his perform, but, on the further degree, it is rather curious. Hubbard had little to do with any of his little ones, and Arthur was likely also young to get ever acquired instruction from his father.

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Fuck if I'm sure. The OTO levels are very imprecise in their results. I do understand that initiation isn’t a journey upward, It is just a journey inward.

Part of check here my hope stems from my assumption that Coverage Co and Charge card Co.s seriously usually do not like being defrauded. They will do what is needed to get their a refund, and they've they incentive to try and do the research into the corporate construction to get the triple damages and to circumvent this particular cult from having the ability to rise all over again.

Just about anything assuming that it’s not ice! Ideally area temperature water. Concerning a Slinky, it’d be fantastic as long as it’s plastic or metallic coated plastic.

Just before I codified Satanism, So enabling me to combine all the things of a personal indicating into a suitable forum, I 1st deemed the faith of Dogism. The perception system made sense, but was as well limiting.

A more info blood libel might be if Atack recommended that OTO murdered people today to obtain the blood. If Crowley or Hubbard or Parsons experienced mistresses or woman followers who were prepared to squat around a parchment in the course of their durations, they had been no cost to do so, and it’s not a blood libel.

Based on Dee's journals,[six] Angelical was speculated to are actually the language God used to develop the earth, and which was later employed by Adam to speak with check here God and the angels, and to call all things in existence. After his Fall from Paradise, Adam missing the language and made a form of proto-Hebrew centered upon his obscure memory of Angelical. This proto-Hebrew, then, was the common human language until enough time from the Confusion of Tongues for the Tower of Babel.

Thirdly, I usually do not even have to love Crowley… and I don’t. It's like I explained to A different member in the OTO, “I am in the OTO Despite Crowley, not because of him”.

Within this remark thread, I have already been Fats-shamed, bullied, insulted and harassed just for mentioning Tony Ortega’s choice to possess a bigot on this web site. Scientology is evil more than enough when you concentrate on the info, you don’t have to have to have true religious bigots on listed here!

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